Notebook Stash

So, I mentioned in my last post that we are already buying school supplies. Honestly I have a soft spot for school/office supplies and there for tend to shop for it year round. The past few weeks though I have truly indulged my obsession and splurged on some fun new notebooks I found on clearance as well as some new highlighters. For a while I put myself on notebook restriction and was trying to fill all my books before a bought more, but eventually I just gave up on that. I have gone to just buying them when I find them for a great price and then when I need one I already have one on hand just waiting.

 All these pretty notebooks were either purchased from a clearance shelf or a $1.00 bin. I have no idea what each of these will hold. Maybe prayers, maybe grocery lists, maybe sketches little girls draw in the back seat of the car. Whatever they are going to hold it's nice to know that they were there, waiting on my bookshelf.

The other new office supply purchase this summer has been Gel-Hilighters. I bought these on a whim at Walmart in the school section. I am pretty sure they were the store brand and there were pretty inexpensive. They claimed that they wouldn't bleed to I bought them to use in books and my Bible but oh my goodness! They have great color, they don't bleed, and I know use them all the time. I use them in my planer, in my journals, in my art journals, in my quite time. They really are a perfect tool and I strongly recommend them.

What are you favorite office supplies? Anything you collect or just can't help but stock up on?

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