He Loves Me

Hello There,

So sorry for my absence. I am still here, though clearly not doing the 31 Day Challenge any more.  I didn't really think it through and this just wasn't the time to commit to something that. Our due date was a few days ago and while I want to write on that eventually I am just not ready yet. I have been spending a lot of time just being quiet. Thinking, reflecting, and just being. I am still doing Onetober though.

This is today's look. I was running late so my hair is not at all styled, and I am wearing no make up whatsoever. I ran out the door with out a jacket so ended up wearing one of Josh's Mr. Roger's sweaters. And I love everything about this picture. It's not glamorous or polished but it is so very real right now.

Josh was taking the pictures today and I feel like you can tell that. I was just being me. The thing is, I haven't felt like "me" in a while. Josh always brings out the best in me though and I feel like that comes through. No matter how I am feeling or what is going on he is my biggest fan and best cheerleader. He points out my strengths and builds me up in areas that need work. I'm so blessed to have him in my life and have some one who loves me even when I'm not feeling quite myself. :)