Weekly Five

 1) I didn't do a weekly five last week becuase the week before felt so blah it didn't really feel worth it. This week has been SO much better! Josh has had an amazing week at work. He had two days this week where he sold two cars. A total of 5 cars this week. Amazing!
2) My sister and a good family friend did an Easter Basket exchange this year. I also had a good friend surprise me with some Easter treats. So good to be known by others.

3) I was interviewed for a local magazine on Tuesday. They are doing an article about women who create and asked me some questions about my Goose Beary Shop.  

4) I am enjoying writing more lately. Nothing big but it feels good to be doing something I enjoy again.

5) Went to the Good Friday Service, had friends over to watch The Passion of Christ on Saturday and went to Easter service at our church on Sunday. I enjoyed it all but it made me home sick for MD and Cedar Brook.
I would love to hear y'alls weekly five. What do you all think of a link up?