Menu Monday

I was going to wait until later in the day to post so I could include pictures that I plan on taking today. But the girls are down for naps and the house is quiet so I am going to take advantage of that and blog now. Maybe I will blog again later after I take fabric pictures. :)

I have seen a lot of ladies doing Menu Monday posts and I love it. I am not sure if there is a place to link up or if it simply something people are doing independently but I figured either way I would jump on board.I figured this was a good week to jump on since I only had to plan 4 meals. I am leaving town Friday to go to the wedding of a childhood friend. So excited for him and his beautiful bride! :) Josh and I also agreed not to spend any money at restaurants during lent, so hopefully this will keep me honest and a little more oganized. So with out further ado...

Monday- Crock Pot BBQ shredded Chicken, broccoli, and biscuits.
Tuesday- Tacos, Corn, and Re-fried beans
Wednesday - Sausage, Salsa, Rice and Corn served with corn bread
Thursday- Sloppy Joes on home made buns with broccoli and home made cookies for dessert.

So there you go. Our simple meals for the week. I am going to be super busy with shop stuff and getting ready for my trip so I am trying to keep dinners low key. What about you? What are you all fixing this week?