My Weekly Five

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1) After nearly falling apart last Staturday from overbooking and not being home enough the week before, I spent the vast majority of the start of the week at home. I didn't even leave the house till Thursday. It was nice. I got a lot of cleaning and laundry done and worked on finishing up July custom dolls and did a bunch of planning.

2) Wednesday night we discovered fleas on the cat and in one part of the house so I spent all Thursday cleaning the entire place top to bottom. While it put me behind schedule it nice to have the entire house so clean!

3) Friday I dropped the kids and the cat with my in-laws and Josh and I headed to Williamsburg to celebrate our 6th anniversary. It was an amazing time! It rained off and on all weekend but that lead to some of our best adventures including eating at a SUPER nice restaurant where we got to have Pork Ossobucco and Duck Breast with mushroom bread pudding. I was really nervous to try such fancy food and spend so much money but it was amazing food and an unforgettable experience. Worth every penny!

4) We spent a lot of time in Bushgardens including Sunday which was our actually anniversary. Even after I was unable to walk any more from a messed up food Josh pushed me around the park in a wheel chair. High light was probably when we were eating dinner at the Italian place in the park and realized that Come Fly With me was playing. The cool part was that was the final dance at our reception and it was roughly the time our reception had ended six years ago. So we dance/hobbled to the song in the middle of the park. :)

5) I've been doing a lot of dolly planning/dreaming and am slowly re-stocking yarns for ready to ship/custom dollies. Also working on a special project for The Clutch Guide stay tuned for more on that!

Now it's your turn. What are you top/bottom/favorite five things about this week? Share in your blog and then link up bellow.