Growing up Sew Liberated

Enjoying a low key day here at home with Hubby having the day off and not having to be any where. But I thought I would throw this out there.
I am  looking for copies of "Growing Up Sew Liberated" and "Little Things To Sew" if any one has copies they haven't used and would like to trade for dollies or dolly stuff let me know. :)


The Need For Community

My amazing older sister with my two little girls!

I don't often blog about current affairs. There are plenty of other blog writers, new writers, radio talk show hosts, news anchors ect. who are more than willing to discuss the current hot topic to no end. But lately there is one topic that has been heavy on my heart so I am listening to this tug and sharing some thoughts that have been on my mind.

It was only a few weeks ago where you couldn't log onto the internet, flip on the tv, or tune into the radio with out hearing about Casey Anthony. It seemed like the entire country was up in arms when she wasn't found guilty for the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. It seems every one but the jury was convinced of her guilt. However, the out come of the trial is not what has me saddened. The question on my mind is how on earth did she get there?

Guilty or not guilty of murder Casey Anthony clearly was not in a normal state of mind. I don't think any one would doubt that this woman was seriously disturbed. How on earth did no one see this earlier? A woman doesn't just wake up one day and hurt her children. It's a process you get to slowly. It's a build up of pain, frustration, and hurt that eventually erupts. Raising a child is not easy. Doing it a lone is even harder. Doing it with out some kind of support system is nearly impossible. My point is not to excuse her behavior, pass the buck or expunge her of responsibility.

But rather to pose a challenge.

Reach out to one another. Mother's, wives, business women, sisters, daughters. We need each other. You never know when a hug, a phone call, a helping hand may change some one's life.


A Trip To Nana's

Goose enjoying one of Nana's famous cinnamon rolls.

It's been a busy summer. Especially with Josh's new job. But last weekend we manage to slip away to my parents for a couple of days. We played in the neighbor's pool, cooked out, went to church, hung out with new friends, ate cinnamon rolls and German Chocolate Cake.

The girls slept for most of the trip there and back making it a perfect time for Josh and I to catch up. Eight hours with nothing to do but visit, be quiet together, listen to music, pray ect. It was the first chance we had in a while to really sit down and take stock of where we are and where we are going. We are both very introspective people and every so often with both need a good "take inventory" conversation.

Josh challenged me to be writing more. Especially devotional type stuff. When we first met I had a devotional blog (Back on xanga. Any one else remember xanga?) I had quite a few followers and updated on a regular basis. Josh claims that blog is one of the things that made him fall in love with me. A year ago I tried to start up another blog of the like here on blogger. I posted once and gave up. I am hoping to pick it back up again. I have no idea where I am going with it. But, if I have learned nothing else in the past five years, I have learned that Josh sees things in me I don't even see myself. When he pushes me to do something, he is usually right. :)
So you can check out my second blog Grace and Manna  if you are so inclined.