I am trying to write a post about the word Josh and I choose for our family in 2014, but frankly it's just laughable.

My girls are talking, singing, cutting, writing, coloring as they work on Valentine's. I am desperately trying to focus on writing but my attention is pulled away every so often to spell names of family and friends.

Our table is covered in papers, boxes of valentine's, napkins left over from last night's Superbowl get together, cups of cold hot chocolate, my lap top, homework assignments ect.

My brain is cluttered and distacted trying to do two many things at once and over whelemed my the visual chaos around me.

And I laugh.... because our word of 2014 is SPACE. And some days, some moments, I feel like that is the farthest thing from our lives. I feel like we are stretched to the max in every way possible and space of any kind is pretty far fetched goal. But that's exactly WHY it is our word this year. Because it is something we so desperately need and something that that is seriously lacking. We have filled our lives with the clutter of "busy" and no longer have Space for what God is doing.

A day or two after we chose the word Space our pastor preached on Acts 2. As we listened to that message we realized that we had found our family verse for the year. (Something we hadn't even been looking for.)

Acts 2:42
And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.

THIS! This is what we wanted Space for! In so many ways it captures what we want our lives to be.

Space in our home so that it feels like a heaven. Free of junk and stuff that add mental or physical clutter.

Space in our schedule, to spend time in God's word, to rest, to have people over, to help out when others are in need, to pray, to listen.

Space in my mind to think, to breath, to write, to be creative.

Space in our finances to help others and make memories with our family.

Space for whatever God brings.