Good Friends, Good Food

In our house we celebrate Birthday Month. With the girls it's sort of inevitable by the time we do a family dinner, family from out of town visits, we do a party with friends, we do a special daddy daughter date, and a special mommy daughter date, it's been about a month.

With Josh and I it's more about little things. Often times birthday month becomes our excuse for things we would do already. Like back rubs or Josh stopping to get me a candy bar on his way home.  Granted Josh is far better at coming up with "birthday month" surprises then I am. This year has been extra special though. Since my birthday is early in the month we started the month two weeks before so we are technically in birthday month already. :)

It started with a visit from my sister-in-law whom is also one of my very best friends. She was in visisting her family and meeting her brand new niece. Her parents live two hours away from me so she drove down for the day and night last week. It happened to be the day after her birthday so we had a blast eating good food, watching Survivor and celebrating her and her pregnancy!!

Friday we went to breakfast with Emmy and then she headed back to her parents and we came home and my amazing husband did a ton of house work and yard work including hanging a wall fixture my father-in-law helped me put together last summer. Love it!!!

Sunday was coffee and dessert with two amazing women. God has blessed me so much with friends who get me and love me and understand me. 

Monday and Tuesday it was a visit from my mom. Grocery shopping, and chili for dinner, and a visit to a private school we are looking into for Bear. Even a visit to Barnes and Nobles to read books and play with the trains. 

Wednesday it was dinner at Olive Garden after my same two friends took me out for a birthday gift...

LOVING my nose ring!!!! Beautiful and an actual piece of jewelry. Not just a surgical steel stud.

And today it's three kinds o f bread. 

Pretty great start to birthday month.