Little Girl Scrapbook Kit

A few weeks ago Josh and I went through the girls room and got rid of most of their toys. We took four black trash bags to the dump and another three to Good Will. So far we have been pretty good about not bringing a whole bunch of  new ones in and we hope to keep that trend up till at least Christmas.

This does present a challenge since all three of our girls have birthday's between now and Christmas, so I have been trying to keep treats and gifts things that can be consumed or inspire creativity.

This week we went shopping for a birthday party and since we are in a no toy mode the girls and I opted to get something creative for their friend.

This is what we came up with. We hit up the dollar store and Michael's and filled a cigar box with scrapbook supplies. Rather than an actual scrap book we bought a mini composition book and added colored pens, stickers, decorative tape, and glue sticks from the store. We also cut down a bunch of patterned papers from our home stash. I went through all of our pictures from the school year and pulled out pictures of her and the girls to add to it to get her started.

We added some flower stickers to the top and now have a inexpensive gift that doesn't take up a lot of space, encourages creativity, is self contained and doesn't require adult supervision. A win an all accounts!