Coming Back

 I haevn't been around here much lately. I could give you a lot of reasons...

The transition from two to three.
Abi's transition from private preschool to public kindergarten.
Maddie's transition from home all day with me to half day preschool.
Lack of sleep.
Lack of inspiration.
Lack of motivation.

And in a way all of those are true. At the very least they are excuses I have been making for avoiding this place. The truth, however, is simply that I have been scared. Things have been hard lately. Not necessarily bad... just hard. We have been in a stage of constant transition for the past 11 months and it is starting to take it's toll on all of us. Abi especially is slow at adjusting to changes so the past year has been a difficult one for her, and I feel like I am only now starting to understand the stress she has been under and how to help her cope with life in general. And I have been unsure with how much to share.

I strive to be honest and real in this space. However, knowing just how honest to be is always a struggle. I know it is for most bloggers. Knowing what and when and how to share is something each writer has to work in their own time and way. Rather than finding my balance I have simply just walked away from this space. 

I am going to try to find that balance though so hopefully you will be seeing me around here more often. My husband has challenge me to write for at least 30 minutes a day for the next few months and see where that takes me.  I am sure there are days what what I write won't really be worth sharing, but hopefully the practice of writing regularly will help me find my voice again and produce some things worth sharing here in this space.

See you all soon!