Tuesday To Do List

I love lists. I am obsessed with them. I have some times been known to add things I have already done to a list just so I can cross them off. I don't make New Years resolutions I make New Years To Do Lists. One of the things I really wanted to do this year was do a scheduled upload in my shop. I also wanted a themed upload. So today a threw the rest of the to do lists out the window and sewed all day. I put together a Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Cherries upload. So far only one item in the upload has sold. But I checked something off of my to-do list. And that feels good. :)


Monday Musings

I have been meaning to write more. There have been all kinds of thoughts rolling around in my  hands. Nothing big. Just little moments and passing thoughts. Bear has taken a liking to her Waldorf doll and Goose is obsessed with dressing up now as well. Musings on the small things. Like contentment and seasons. Seasons of life, of weather, of personal growth. Gratitude for God's provision in so many areas. My cup runs over. And for now maybe, that's all that needs to be shared. :)



Yesterday morning was spent out doors together. Enjoying the swing set and working on the wood pile.

Yesterday afternoon/evening was spent inside together. Enjoying the fire, and warm blankets. Enjoying TV and chocolate. Working on baby doll bodies and a crochet rug.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 with excruciating pain in my right shoulder and neck. Thankfully my 
mother-in-law is a super hero and is coming to get my girls so I don't have to worry about lifting babies and changing diapers. I am going to resist the urge to pop pain meds and power through and be productive today. And instead will listen to my body (for once) and drink lots of fluid and get lots of rest. Hope you all enjoy your weekend.


Fun Mail!

Hello Betty Honey Bun

One of the things I enjoyed the most about the holiday season was constantly getting fun mail! Granted it was almost all gifts (with the exception of some fabric yardage for the shop), but I truly enjoyed it. I got a good bit of Christmas money and I spent most of it in brick and mortar stores but I did do a little online shopping. Partly becuase the prices were good, and partly becuase I really love getting mail (that isn't bills or junk).

Hello Betty

One of the things I ordered was a Hello Betty honey bun. I found a great price on one on ebay and couldn't resist. I had some ebay bucks that I accrued buying Christmas gifts so I put those toward it an got the honey bun for minimal out of pocket money. :) I am working on a list of 27 things I want to do before I turn 27 (in 18 weeks!). On one of those things is to turn this honey bun into a a rug for my house. I picked the Hello Better one becuase the colors would work in almost any room in our house which I love! Now to pick a rug. I can't decide between the braided/sewn variety and the crochet style. What do you think?


Universal Letter Writing Week

It is Universal Letter Writing week. I love writing letters, so I have embraced this silly holiday. :) Dig in the recesses of your desk for that long lost stationary, locate your favorite pen and jot a quick note to a friend, a sister, a child, a lover. We all love getting mail to give that gift to some one. How much fun would your child have to come home and find a letter to them in the mail box? Or how speical would your loved one feel to find a romantic love letter waiting for them at work one day? Just a though. Spread some smiles!


Back to Reality

Sunday's rain brought and end to the warm spell as well as the three day weekend. So, we turned up the heat, rebuilt the fire and started working on the 2011 list of goals.

Monday brought unexpected sunshine and unexpected productivity. I got a lot done and the girls played happily and (for the most part) quietly in their room for a few hours. It was a sweet day. And a great way to start off the first full work week of the year.

Today I am Thankful for:
New sheets and pillows for our bed
A beautiful little gift from a friend
An unexpected, uplifting conversation with another dear friend
Fabric in the mail


It was his last day before going back to work. He put together my shelf and brought me gifts. I'm going to miss him but maybe it will be nice to be back in a routine.


A New Year

Dinner was chicken picata and broccoli served on China. 

We ate in our pajamas while drinking out of plastic wine glasses. Abi thought the pasta looked like hair and spent the meal acting out scenes from Tangled.