Fun Mail!

Hello Betty Honey Bun

One of the things I enjoyed the most about the holiday season was constantly getting fun mail! Granted it was almost all gifts (with the exception of some fabric yardage for the shop), but I truly enjoyed it. I got a good bit of Christmas money and I spent most of it in brick and mortar stores but I did do a little online shopping. Partly becuase the prices were good, and partly becuase I really love getting mail (that isn't bills or junk).

Hello Betty

One of the things I ordered was a Hello Betty honey bun. I found a great price on one on ebay and couldn't resist. I had some ebay bucks that I accrued buying Christmas gifts so I put those toward it an got the honey bun for minimal out of pocket money. :) I am working on a list of 27 things I want to do before I turn 27 (in 18 weeks!). On one of those things is to turn this honey bun into a a rug for my house. I picked the Hello Better one becuase the colors would work in almost any room in our house which I love! Now to pick a rug. I can't decide between the braided/sewn variety and the crochet style. What do you think?

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