Not Quite


I have a horrible habit of wishing my life away. I am not a patients person and I am almost always looking on to the next stage or season. Both figuratively and literally. (The only exception to this was high school ending. I was very much NOT ready to graduate). Maybe it's human nature, maybe it's just certain personalities, but for whatever reason I am constantly looking forward to what's next.

Then this summer hit. And while at this moment I am craving fall like crazy, I also am realizing just how quickly summer slipped by. And I'm realizing that from here on out they will only slip by faster. I have known my husband for seven years now. Seven years. Crazy. My oldest starts pre-school next week. When did that happen?

I don't want to look back and regret that fact that I did not fully engage in the a given season. Of life or nature.

So today when out with friends I skipped over the hot coffee and got a frozen one. I ordered lemon pound cake instead of pumpkin bread. I bought the milkshake cupcakes instead of the maple bacon that just scream fall to me. (By the way if you you are local and haven't been over to The Drowsy Poet lately you need to check it out. It's under new management and amazing!)

And the next few weeks...

  • I'm going to brew more iced tea before I break out the hot tea.

  • I'm going to warm the last of my summer Scentsy bricks before breaking out the cinnamon and apple ones.

  • We are going to hit up the pool at least one more time.

  • We are going to drink a few more slushies.

  • Maybe, just maybe we will dash up to Williamsburg one more time and take the kids to Bush Gardens.

  • Tonight we will eat dinner at 8:30 when Josh gets home just one more time, before moving into the school year schedule.

  • And I am going to give myself grace when the day passes and not enough gets done, because it's summer and summer is all about lazy days.

What are you doing to embrace the last bit of Summer?

Because fall will come in it's own time. But it's not time yet... not quite yet....