Day Seven (Onetober and 31 Days In The Life Of Me)


For the month of October I will be participating in two challenges. Onetober: One Dress, One Month, One Cause and The 31 Day Challenge. You can read more about these here  and here.

Day Seven:

No pictures of the dress today. I'm sure I will get pictures of the same outfit though as it turned cold today and I paired it with my favorite sweatshirt jacket and hat. Warm and comfy for church then home to snuggle into the sweatpants and sweatshirt and fuzzy socks.

It was a lovely afternoon of naps, and tv, and dolly making. Also spent a bit of time online and may I just say I am so excited about Christmas! So many fun ideas! I'm all of the sudden in love with Martha Stewart stuff.

I am particular in love with these stocking stuffer ideas. But I love a lot of the other galleries as well.

Thinking about Christmas reminded me how much I want this book.

Which then reminded me that I bought this book last summer and can't wait to browse through it again.

Also spent some time on Pinterest and I am loving this Joy printable.

The Joy in the Journey printable can be found here.

Pen and Paint also has an amazing fall printable. Check it out Here.