Where To Go From Here?

Yesterday was the unofficial kick off to summer and my girls had a blast at the pool with Papa and Grandma. Today Maddie and I celebrated by blasting some Amos Lee and dancing in the dinning room.

Today I find myself thinking a lot about this blog. Trying to figure out where to go from here. I love blogging bout my creative endeavors and house keep, decorating ect. However, I also really feel drawn to blogging about more personal things. My ongoing gratitude list, what I am learning in Church and personal Bible study. I am unsure of those two sides should share a blog however. I do have another blog Grace and Mana sitting empty. So, do I maintain two blogs, or expand what I write about here? Thoughts are very welcome.


Still here

I'm still here. I have been away from blog land way to long. Both reading and writing. I have truly missed it. I really need to get back in the swing of things. If you are one of my few regular visitors you may have noticed some changes on the blog. I have been doing some redecorating at home (pictures coming soon) and felt the need to do some blog redecorating. So much has been rolling around in my mind and life lately. I love my new tag line. It seems to fit our lives so well right now. I often share works in progress on here and it has dawned on me lately how my LIFE feels like a work in progress. And that's a good thing. So here is to My Life In Progress.



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So the winner is......

Loralynn said...
Cool idea for a giveaway! Surprises are always so much fun! My interests include: sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, embroidery and hand applique! I would describe my style as classic romantic! I'll be contacting you asap! Thanks for all who entered! :) 


Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day!!!

****Comments now closed. I will pick a winner tomorrow! 

It's Sew Mama Sew give way day again! YAY!!!!! I love this. This is my third time participating. My first time was last year on my birthday! :)

I have major craft ADD which means I love using all kinds of things to express my crative side. My favorite ways are Sewing/Doll Making/Quilting, Crocheting/Knitting, Embroidery/Cross stitch, and Cooking/Baking. This means that I have all KINDS of craft supplies laying around my house.

So what am I giving away? Well That depends on YOU! See this bag? Well I am going to embellish it and then fill it with all kinds of hand made goodies and supplies based on the winners favorite creative outlet.

How do you enter? Well that's pretty simple. Just leave a comment. Let me know which of the following is your favorite outlet, or which one you would like most to learn. (You can pick more than one)

*Sewing/Quilting/Doll Making
*Embroidery/Cross Stitch

You can also describe your style to me. Modern, Classic, Vintage, Bright Colors, ect. Tell me about your self as a crafter/creator in short. Comments will be open until Wed Morning May 25th. Then I will draw a winner and create a special goody bag! Bag should ship by Friday! ENJOY And  don't forget the rest of the giveaways listed over at  Sew Mama Sew



Sorry I have been absent from here for so long. We have been busy. Busying growing, and changing. Many decisions have been made the past few weeks including a change in job for my hubby and an addition of another part time job and ministry for myself. The girls have been busy as well. Growing and changing so much some days I hardly recognize them.

 Abi Bear is taller than ever and growing into an amazing girl. So big, I am constantly reminded that school is just around the corner and a whole new set of changes.

Maddie Goose is no longer a baby and is hardly even a toddler any more. She is is slimming out and becoming more and more verbal. Her hair is starting to curl and she is really coming into her own little personality.