My Weekly Five

Weekly Five:

1) Went out with a friend last week and bought a ton of seeds and potting soil and now have an area of little seeds sitting in egg cartons on the out side of my window sill. I am a little nervous that I am not seeing any sprouts yet. Hope I didn't do something wrong!

2) 3 weeks on Weight Watchers and I am finally starting to see some loss. Lost 4 lb so far and celebrated with a new book! :)

3) I got my hair colored for spring. It didn't turn out nearly as light as I wanted and I am thinking I may just skip the "fashion" color for a while.
4) We tilled up a big spot in our front yard. Still needs a lot of work but it should be ready by the time I get sprouts (if that actually does happen)

5) We have had some amazingly beautiful weather lately that makes me content and restless all at the same time. I have been drinking crazy amounts of raspberry tea and reading and mixed media journal lately in attempt to satiate my need for something.