Advent Low and Slow.

We are taking a different approach to Christmas this year. It started last year really. When I was curled up on a ball over come with morning sickness and desperately trying to finish custom doll orders in time to ship them before Christmas. I was so sick and overwhelmed that I ended up staying up till all hours of the night before we did Christmas as a family. I was desperately trying to finish gifts I had promised to make my girls and hadn't gotten around to doing yet. "No custom dolls next year," I said.

Fast forward to this August... a c-section baby and home from the hospital just 3 days before the school year started. I had wanted to do holiday art/craft shows but I hadn't sewn a single thing yet..."No shows this year."

No shows and no custom dolls means less income which means less money for Christmas gifts. 

So here we are three days into Advent and things look a little different around here.
I am working on a few dolls.
A couple special dolls for returning customers that contacted me early enough to give me time to do them with out stress.
I decided on one or two special sewing projects for gifts, but not nearly as many as normal.
We bought some gifts, but aren't going crazy. Keeping a doable budget and expectations.

We have adopted a new moto for Advent. Low and Slow.

Low expectations
Low cost
Slow pace

Making time and space for what matters to us, and letting go of everything else.
Making a list of what matters, and letting go of half of it.
Making time for fun and activity and balancing it with times of rest and silence.

What does Advent look like for you?