Worship: Five Minute Friday

Today I am linking up for the first time every over at Lisa-Jo's.
Every week she shared a prompt and you then write for five minutes strait and share what you wrote. No re-thinking, or over editing. Just writing.
Today's prompt was "Worship".

So many cliques.
“Worship is a life style”
 “worship is more than the music”
“Ours lives should be worship”
“worship is more than Sunday mornings.”
My husband singing hymns during 27 hours of confusing labor.
My head bent of sleepless babies muttering  scripture.
Worship tears shed over loss and pain.
Letting go and moving on. Leaving that pain at the cross and choosing joy.
A meal fixed with love.
Words spoken in kindness.
Choosing joy instead of bitterness.
Giving thanks in the middle of the questions.
Living life in the middles of the questions.
Letting go. Making room for life and joy and even sorrow.
A shout of joy, a song of praise, a whispered plea.