Each Season Has It's Joys

My sister-in-law have a phrase that we so very often repeat to each other, "Not every season is joyful but every season has joyful moments." or, "Not every season is easy, but there are still good moments in those seasons."

If I were to be honest, this week has been one of the less joyful seasons. In fact, depending on when you asked me, I might even classify it as down right hard. Tacy has been sick and from there we have fallen one by one.

Josh and I were hit earlier in the week and by last night we were all down for the count. I spent the night last night sleeping on the sofa waking up every 45 minutes to tend to my 6 year old or 6 month old and then was woken for the day around 6:30 by my 4 year old.

Today has been a muddle of sick kiddos, pizza for lunch, crazy amounts of NetFlix, canceling weekend plans, and unsuccessfully getting my kids to nap.

But, in the midst of this hard week there have been glimpses of joy. Sweet reminders of love and light. My brother and his family living with us is so often a fresh breeze on these hard days. Someone else close by who understands the exhaustion that comes with those early years of parenting. Someone to swap kids with because, for whatever reason, another person's  kids can be cute even when yours are on your last nerve. A third opinion on fevers and flues. A bottle of of Motrin when you are out. A hug when the kids haven't napped, and you haven't showered, and the husband won't be home for hours. Even better, some one to watch the kids so you can get that shower!

I know that the season of being a multi-family home is coming to a close soon. I know the time is coming for us to all have our own spaces back. When the times comes it will be a happy positive day full of God's provision. I know this can't last forever and, while I will be thrilled for them when God gives them their own home, I will miss the sweet, daily reminders that each season has it's joys.