Prayer Request Before Baby

As many of you know Josh and I had been hoping for the chance to try a VBAC this time around. However, since our doctor will not let us go past August first, and since I can’t be induced the chances of that happening are getting smaller by the day. We have until the morning of August 1st. Other wise, I will go in for a scheduled c-section at 3:00 pm on the 1st. SO as we go in to the last week this is what we are praying and are asking others to pray with us….

1. That, if God sees fit, we will still go into labor naturaly and get to attempt a VBAC.

2. If a VBAC is NOT an option that we would still go into labor naturally as this reduces the risk of complications both for baby and myself.

3. Peace for me, especially during IV and Epidural as those were the most painful aspect of my last c-section.

4. A great anesthesiologist and the needle being successfully interested the first time (last time it took three attempts)

5. Peace for me in the days before as that’s when I get most nervous.

6. Peace for Joshua during the surgery as it is very difficult for him during the actual procedure.

7. No complications and a safe, successful delivery of Tacy with minimal trauma to her or I.

8. Quick recovery after delivery/surgery.

9. Praise for the safe pregnancy and amazing support we have received the past nine months. 

Thank you all again for traveling this journey with us and for praying for us. We couldn’t do it with out each of you!