Traveling Goodies

Last week I pulled Bear out of school and loaded her and Maddie up in the van with my in-laws and we headed to Gatlinburg, Tn. I grew up going to Branson Missouri so it feels so much like "home" to me I love it. Downside is the drive. It's not THAT far but 5-6 hours with preschool age kids can feel like forever. So, I packed them goodie bags. I thought I would share what I packed for them in case any one is look for ideas. Sorry for the bag photos they are camera pics at 4:00 am!

For starters I took them to Barnes and Noble with me so they could pick out their own book ect. Once we bought the books we took them home and I let them look at them but not actually play with them (They are activity books). By the time the trip came around they were super excited to use the books.

Of course I couldn't leave without a couple goodies for myself. Even big girls like sticker books and this doll house sticker book is such a fun way to be creative without any real work. The book on the other hand was a major disappointment. While it had a great concept it felt really trashy and I ended up throwing it out after three chapters. :(

Ok so it's a horrible picture, but here's what I put in each bag.

*Sticker Book. I really prefer ones that are more like paper dolls or scenes as apposed to just random stickers and blank pages. I feel like it allows them to be creative but still follow directions.

*Magnetic book. Same idea as the sticker books but magnetic paper dolls.

*A 31Bags fold and go organizer with new mini coloring book, wind up crayons, and stickers.

* Their LeapPad/Leapster with fresh batteries.

*In side pockets they each had a full sports bottle with juice and the other side pocket was full of snacks. Front pocket had a ziplock bag for their trash.

Front pocket also had an extra specials surprise for each. I have been participating in doll swaps online for the past year and I saved two special dolls for this trip. They loved their "trip buddies".

And of course Mama's bag with snacks, lap top, nook, book, sticker book, head phones, iPhone, 3DS. Lol yeah I may have a technology problem!

Hope this gave you some idea for traveling with kiddos. Another essential for us is Kids Dramamine. No one got sick the entire time!