Redcorating My Kitchen (Or a year long battle with indecisivenes

O.K. So a year ago my husband, two daugthers, and I moved into a beautiful house out in the county. We had hoped to get an old house in the city limits since I love old arcitecture and a slightly more vintage urban feel if you will. that wasn't in the cards though. We did however find a beautiful house in the county that was built in 1972 with some style throw backs to the 50s. (i.e. chair railings in both the kitchen and dinning room and all kinds of molding. YAY!). Since then I have been embracing a more vintage country feel. Not rustic/primitive country style but Country Living/Old South plantation country.

A year later I am FINALLY decorated the kitchen. Getting rid of the dark wall paper and giving it a face lift. There is only one problem. I cannot decide on accent colors. The main colors will be white and green. But I can't decide on pink or citrus colors as my accent colors for rugs, curtains, towels ect.

Suberbia Kitchen Fabric Bunddle (fabricshop)

I LOVE the colors of this fabric bundle over at the FabricShop on etsy. It's beautiful and playfully engages the 70's in a fresh and clean way. (Other bonus of this is that my dinning room right of the kitchen is paper in white and green damask paper which I love and will be keeping as long as possible) 

Graden by Cable Grey (brodyandma)  
However, I am also in love with the pinks, greens, and browns used in this fabric from the same line as the kitchen fabric. So torn. I am leaning more toward the kitchen fabrics but I need advice. So what do you think? Embrace the lovely 70s? Or go for pink and green?