5 Days till Christmas

 I am finally done with my "to-do" list and now I have started on my "want-to" list.

Spending time with an awesome young lady yesterday and helping her sew some Christmas gifts.
Drinking LOTS of Cinnamon tea.
Working on Christmas gifts for my family.
Playing Lego Harry Potter years 5-7 on my DS. (An early Christmas gift from Hubby).
Re-reading the Christmas chapters of the Betsy Books.
Reading and re-reading Advent books.
Baking Cookies.

Today I even was able to let go of perfect and focus on the memories. The girls and I made cookies together.

Tonight I am taking a break from cleaning and watching The Incredibles with the girls on the floor.

Tomorrow Josh is off and the day is full of plans of breakfast with friends, hair cuts, last minute grocery shopping, a quick trip to the craft store, and finishing up Christmas crafts.

Merry Christmas All!!!


Should Be

I should be doing a good many things right now. The girls are sleeping and I have personal and work to-do lists pages long. I could be cleaning, sewing, wrapping gifts, paying bills, folding laundry, doing dishes. But I am not. I am taking a few minutes and drinking hot tea. Listening to favorite Christmas song on the computer. Catching up on my family's facebook page. Reading blogs. Eating a Christmas cookie. And all in all slowing down and just being.

Thought I would share something I stumbled across last year at Christmas. Tells the Christmas story in a whole new way and I love it!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!