Dolly Dreaming

I've been doing so much fun dolly dreaming/planning. While I was in MD after we lost our power I ordered a couple patterns. The one on the left is a vintage doll clothes pattern I'm hoping I can adjust to fit larger Goose Bear Dolls. I found the one on the right when I was looking for clothing patterns to adjust for the Alice style of doll. Didn't find any, but was excited by this pattern.

I am so very excited to try this pattern. It will be my first try at vintage patterns and I love how pretty yet simple the clothing is. I especially love the dress in the middle of the top row. Can't wait!

I bought half a yard of muslin to play with for this pattern and will be raiding my fabric stash for the rest. They look so sweet yet modern. I know my girls are going to love them playing with them.

Working on a new pattern of my own and this collection of fabrics should bring to life the final attempt. Then to assemble the actual pattern and get some testers. Any one want to try it out? 

Found some amazing fabric at Joann's so in love with it. I've been very impressed with them lately. I feel like they are getting more and more fabrics that look and feel like the higher quality designer fabrics. The yarn was purchsed in a bundle from Ilash Designs hands down one of my favorite places on line to buy hand spun/painted yarns. So beautiful and soft. Dreaming of these these sweet dollies are going to look like.

What are you all working on? Where is your favorite place to buy craft supplies?