My Day in a Basket

I was sharing with a friend last night one of the things that helps me stay productive during the day. I talked about a bit on here but not a lot so I thought I would share. Over a year ago I shared a quick picture of my Task Basket. The basket I use changes constantly, the basic idea is that is has my to-do list along with at least part of the pieces for any project I am working on that day. Some of this is so I have what I need handy and some is so that I have physical reminders of that days chores. Today's basket included my to-do list along with: cleaner for the bathrooms, carpet powder, return address labels to remind me to go to the post office, my calendar since I kept getting messages about making plans, note cards to write down the verses I'm supposed to be memorizing (and later the verses themselves).  I like this as it really does help keep me on task and means I don't have to stop and go searching for things quite so often.

My day in a few snap shots. My Task Basket, the clean fridge, my Break Basket, and my sweet girls taking a rest out side.

I even had time to enjoy my break basket and get some reading done.
What tools or tips do you use to keep you on task?


Moving Things Around

As much as I love my dear blogger blog, I am contemplating moving things around. Eventually I am hoping to move to a personal website as apposed to a blogging template. Till then I am playing around with using my tumblr more. Frankly I am not as big a fan of the user interface, but I just can't argue with the nice clean lay outs. :)

Playing around with physical space as well and moving things around. It's been a while since I have done anything major. Really not since last summer, but at least I am getting a vision again and are making some huge changes to one room and minor ones to another. Using Pinterest in many many ways to pull together ideas and concepts and maybe just maybe have something to share sooner rather than later. 


Summer Time

It's a dozen little things that together all make up summer time some how. Slurpies, and red tongues, and Mochas, and pre-cooked chicken and lazy afternoons in front of the fan. So much on my mind, but really who has the energy to write it all down. It's so much more tempting to turn the fan back on and find a book and loose myself in the pages.


Teething Necklaces

I've been enjoying another creative binge around here. Making some dollies as well as other pretties! And to add to the enjoyment one of the things I made was inspired by a pinterest pin which means I can scratch that off of this week's summer bucket list.

So, for now these pretty new necklaces are in the shop. If nothing else I am now well prepared for baby showers!


Alice A Waldorf Inspired Rag Doll

I would like you all to meet Alice. She is the first dolly in a very long time that I have made and just been in love with. She is similar to my other Waldorf Dolls. However I turned the interlock the other direction making her super lean and more akin to old fashion rag dolls.

I have never made this many clothes and accessories for a doll. I really did just fall in love with her. She seems to be a quite doll to me. And, though I have never been to France, I think she would fit in quite well there.


Summer Bucket List 2012

So I finally sat down and put together two bucket lists for this summer. I am a huge list person. I would venture a guess that you could tell more about who I am from my lists then my journals. Or at least as much. So for the first time I have made a summer bucket list. I made one for the kids as well. But I am to lazy to type it up at the moment. So today all you get is my personal list.

So far we are doing pretty well. I've already read a new book. I love it and will most likely end up reading the entire series this summer.

Last week I finished a skirt for a friend FINALLY! I love getting WIPS marked off of my to do list.

We also made our own bubbles from my Summer Fun Pin Board last week. Still haven't used them yet and have no idea if they work, maybe we will have to try that out today! 

What's on your summer bucket list??