My Weekly Five

The beauty of facebook is that it lets you stay in touch in ways previously not available. My family actually has a facebook group. It makes things like making Christmas plans way easier it also let's us be more of a daily part of each others lives. One things we do is post a weekly five. A simple recap of our week. I thought I might start sharing mine here on my blog as well. So with out further ado...

My weekly five: (or my list of finally)
1) I finally organized my craft space and cleaned my basement. This is huge!
2) I also finally got Josh's dad to drill some holes in a plaque for me.
3) I finally finished my first quilt for myself!
4) I finally left a group on facebook that was proving to be rather toxic for me. I have found a different group of doll makers to connect with who remind me of why I love doll making.
5) Maddie is sick again. I am a little worried about her as two other kids from her class are also sick. One with croup another with an infection and both with fevers hovering around 103.