Keeping and Making Memmories (A 31 Bags Giveaway)

As I have shared on here before, one of my main goals with this blog, and my life in general, is to record my families memories. I've been attempting to do this more on paper as well so that my kids have hard copies of these memories and not just words on a screen. I have been trying VERY unsuccessfully to do Project life this year. I have pretty much given up on daily or even weekly but I have been capturing certain moments on paper in my own, very messy, way of scrapbooking. (Really I just like an excuse to buy pretty paper and tape!).  My favorite place to work on this is on the sofa, by the fire, so I have come up with my little mobile scrap-book center!




I LOVE 31 products. Though, as you can, see I don't always use them planned. This is the make up bag above and bellow is the note pad keeper that I use to hold my stationary.




Not only are 31 products great for keeping your organized while keeping memories they are great for MAKING memories! And, since I have an awesome 31 consultant who also happens to be a close friend, we decided to team up to give away a Hostess exclusive item that is perfect for memory making and keeping!


The Organizing Pack is an awesome one shoulder back pack that is perfect for family adventures. Best part is it has amazing removable compartments that also make it a great camera bag!


Bag Details:
Measures approx.: 16"H x 13"W x 6.5"D

So many uses! This Hostess Exclusive has interior compartments galore, making it a great camera bag or diaper bag … just fill it with whatever you need for the day! The inside organizing compartments can be removed and rearranged so they’re just the way you need them. It even comes with a thermal-lined water bottle holder in a coordinating print! Valued at $120.00, it’s a Hostess Exclusive. *From the 31 Catalog

Meredith is giving away this bag in the Pick Me Plaid pattern and I have agreed to ship any where in the USA! Simply use the raffelcopter bellow to enter!

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