Phone Cases

So my husband got a new phone recently and of course with that a new case. Since he spends the vast majority of his time standing on a black top we got a nice sturdy case that will in theory protect his phone if it's dropped ect. He asked if I wanted a similar case for my phone, but since I had tried one and found it impossible to work around I decided to skip. This lead to a rather amusing conversation about functionality of a case versus how "pretty" it is. I had to laugh when I later stumbled across an info-graphic about phone cases and how men v. women view them.

Shutterfly iPhone Cases Infographic
This infographic is provided to you by Shutterfly, a leader provider of photo books, custom iPhone cases & more!

So what do you think? Does any of this apply to you? Happy Holiday weekend! 


Worship: Five Minute Friday

Today I am linking up for the first time every over at Lisa-Jo's.
Every week she shared a prompt and you then write for five minutes strait and share what you wrote. No re-thinking, or over editing. Just writing.
Today's prompt was "Worship".

So many cliques.
“Worship is a life style”
 “worship is more than the music”
“Ours lives should be worship”
“worship is more than Sunday mornings.”
My husband singing hymns during 27 hours of confusing labor.
My head bent of sleepless babies muttering  scripture.
Worship tears shed over loss and pain.
Letting go and moving on. Leaving that pain at the cross and choosing joy.
A meal fixed with love.
Words spoken in kindness.
Choosing joy instead of bitterness.
Giving thanks in the middle of the questions.
Living life in the middles of the questions.
Letting go. Making room for life and joy and even sorrow.
A shout of joy, a song of praise, a whispered plea.


Feeding My Soul

My sister recently started her own blog. Lists and Letters.  It's absolutely beautiful. I love my sister's writing voice and frankly at time have been quite jealous of it. She has a way with words that I envy. Really you should check out her site!

All that to say that, while we are VERY different people, we share some of the same quirks. A love for writing, an pension for collecting anything office supplies, and a compulsive need to make lists to name a few. So, in honor of my sister, here is a list of a few things that are feeding my soul lately.

1. Hot cinnamon tea after the walk to the bus stop.

2. Windows open on cool mornings.

3. Empty notebooks.

4. Pretty paper.

5. A good book.

6. Chats at the bus top that remind me I am not alone.

7. Those moments in the middle of her anxiety when she leans into me, her defenses down, and simply rests in knowing that I am there to hold her.

8. Walks through a book store.

9. Silence.

10. Tummy time naps on a hand made blanket.

11. Lists.

12. Morning e-mails from a dear friend.

13. Walking back into church and feeling at home. 



Maddie selfies. She cracks me up. 

First day of school photos. Maddie started school today at a local Pre-k program and Abi finished her second week of kindergarten at the public school.

This sweetie is three weeks old now! I can't believe I haven't shared her birth story yet, but living life has been more important. 

Tonight we are enjoying that it's Friday night and the fact that tomorrow is Saturday. Enjoying the fact that there are no lunches to pack, or clothes to lay out, or home work todo, or early bed times to make. Instead we are playing a lot, making messes, creating our own mini pizzas, taking baths, and waiting up for Daddy. Happy weekend!