Things to Explore (Three Thing Thursday)

One of my sisters writes over at her beautiful blog Lists and Letters. I adore her writing style and she has recently started a weekly writing prompt. You can read about how the "three things" came to be over here. So with out further ado... my three things...

1. Books: Old favorites and new classics. Re-reading a favorite and the discovery of the yet to be read. Worlds real and imagined. Things past and things speculated to come. Fiction, fantasy, food. On the beach, head throbbing from the glare. In the car, feet stretched out on the dashboard. On the front porch, with a glass of cold lemonade. On the sofa, curled up with a favorite quilt and a pen and paper to take notes so I can find my way back to the same place. 

2. Down Town: The farmers market, the antique stores, the hodgepodge. Finding new foods to try. Discovering the perfect piece of some one's past to fit into my present. Learning, learning new things about our town and our family and who we all are and how it all fits together.

3. Fabric Stores: Wandering the aisle. Running fingers over everything from satin to burlap. Seeing not only the patterns and the textures but what they can become. Getting lost in my own imagination and listening to my own voice and heart.