A New Pattern for Goose Beary.

I am working on a new pattern for my shop. I am attempting to branch off from just Waldorf dolls. A few weeks ago I worked on some peg dollies. Sunday and Monday were spent working on some wool felt dollies. Then last night I decided to draft up a pattern for a simple, bright rag doll. I was pretty pleased with how my first draft came out on paper!

Here is what is looks like sewn up. What do you all think? Do I adjust the pattern so she is wider? or simple adjust the face circle so it's smaller, or does it look ok? I am so excited about this dolly. I love putting fabrics together and this allows me to do just that.


Spring has Sprung

It has been crazy warm here for March. We have broken 80 degrees on more than one occasion. While I am thoroughly enjoying the early spring I am a bit worried about that this means for Summer time in Central VA. But we will cross that bridge in a month or two. For now I am very much enjoying the warm weather.
Like the plants, and like my mother, I am happiest in the sun. Fall and winter have their certain charms, and I truly love baking bread and working on quilts while the leave change. However, I come alive when the weather turns warm.

I am rediscovering old loves. My sewing machine is getting used again, and I am writing with a desire and enjoyment that has been missing for a very, very long time. I have been updating at my other blog Grace and Manna, journaling, and even working on a writing project that I am not quite ready to share about just yet!

I am also discovering some new pass times like mixed media journals Smash books are my newest love! You as you can see over at my Pinterest boards. I am also starting a garden this year.

I thought I would share some before and after and sprouts in progress pictures with you all.

The plot before I started working on it.

The plot now!

My first ever attempt at starting seeds!

A few weeks later I actually have some sprouts!

So what has the first few days of spring brought for you all?


My Weekly Five

Weekly Five:

1) Went out with a friend last week and bought a ton of seeds and potting soil and now have an area of little seeds sitting in egg cartons on the out side of my window sill. I am a little nervous that I am not seeing any sprouts yet. Hope I didn't do something wrong!

2) 3 weeks on Weight Watchers and I am finally starting to see some loss. Lost 4 lb so far and celebrated with a new book! :)

3) I got my hair colored for spring. It didn't turn out nearly as light as I wanted and I am thinking I may just skip the "fashion" color for a while.
4) We tilled up a big spot in our front yard. Still needs a lot of work but it should be ready by the time I get sprouts (if that actually does happen)

5) We have had some amazingly beautiful weather lately that makes me content and restless all at the same time. I have been drinking crazy amounts of raspberry tea and reading and mixed media journal lately in attempt to satiate my need for something.