Menu Monday

I completely missed Menu Monday last week and I am a day late this week. I don't feel too bad about this week though since the warm weather has hanged my original menu plans. I was supposed to bake rolls today for sloppy joes but it was to warm and beautiful to stay inside this morning. So we spent the morning on the swing set.

Monday - We had ravioli with ground beef in red sauce and broccoli.
Tuesday - Grilled cheese and tomato soup (I have spring fever and no desire to cook)
Wednesday - Tuna Melts after church
Thursday - BBQ/Bacon chicken, corn on the cob, rolls.
Friday - Frozen
Saturday - Roasted Chicken with veggies and bread
Sunday - left overs
Back up meals - Sloppy Joes and Breakfast for dinner

A look at today's Task Basket. Haven't worked on the things in there much. Spring fever has hit hard. So hard I am struggling to do even the fun things I put into today's basket!! Oh well. I am ok with that.