New Beginings.

We are entering a period of change over here in Goose Beary Land. It's March which means that even though the temperatures are still a bit on the cool side the sun has taken on the qualities of spring and birds are starting to chirp again. Some times it seems like a cruel joke to wake up to chirping birds, overwhelming sunshine streaming through your window, and 30 degree weather. But at least there is the promise of spring in the air.

There are changes taking place indoors as well as we pack up the little duplex we have been living in for almost four years and prepare to move across town into our very first home. We are thrilled to set down some permanent rooms and to have more space for our little family. It will be sad though to leave this place. It is the only home our marriage and our daughters have ever known.

Goose is growing like a weed and is now pulling herself up on things and standing. She even lets go and can stand rather firmly on her own to feet. That is until she realizes she is doing it. Then she becomes so tickled she laughs until she falls down. She can also climb stairs, though we discovered this morning that jeans slow that process down considerable so I will be hitting up the second hand stores in town to try and snag a few more pairs.

Lastly my etsy shop is finally up and running. I am scared stiff that it will be a total waste of time and not come to anything. But I am determined to give it a go. Hope you have a happy weekend!