Summer Bucket List 2012

So I finally sat down and put together two bucket lists for this summer. I am a huge list person. I would venture a guess that you could tell more about who I am from my lists then my journals. Or at least as much. So for the first time I have made a summer bucket list. I made one for the kids as well. But I am to lazy to type it up at the moment. So today all you get is my personal list.

So far we are doing pretty well. I've already read a new book. I love it and will most likely end up reading the entire series this summer.

Last week I finished a skirt for a friend FINALLY! I love getting WIPS marked off of my to do list.

We also made our own bubbles from my Summer Fun Pin Board last week. Still haven't used them yet and have no idea if they work, maybe we will have to try that out today! 

What's on your summer bucket list??

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