My Day in a Basket

I was sharing with a friend last night one of the things that helps me stay productive during the day. I talked about a bit on here but not a lot so I thought I would share. Over a year ago I shared a quick picture of my Task Basket. The basket I use changes constantly, the basic idea is that is has my to-do list along with at least part of the pieces for any project I am working on that day. Some of this is so I have what I need handy and some is so that I have physical reminders of that days chores. Today's basket included my to-do list along with: cleaner for the bathrooms, carpet powder, return address labels to remind me to go to the post office, my calendar since I kept getting messages about making plans, note cards to write down the verses I'm supposed to be memorizing (and later the verses themselves).  I like this as it really does help keep me on task and means I don't have to stop and go searching for things quite so often.

My day in a few snap shots. My Task Basket, the clean fridge, my Break Basket, and my sweet girls taking a rest out side.

I even had time to enjoy my break basket and get some reading done.
What tools or tips do you use to keep you on task?

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