Universal Letter Writing Week

It is Universal Letter Writing week. I love writing letters, so I have embraced this silly holiday. :) Dig in the recesses of your desk for that long lost stationary, locate your favorite pen and jot a quick note to a friend, a sister, a child, a lover. We all love getting mail to give that gift to some one. How much fun would your child have to come home and find a letter to them in the mail box? Or how speical would your loved one feel to find a romantic love letter waiting for them at work one day? Just a though. Spread some smiles!


  1. Another cool idea to keep letter writing alive is The Things Unsaid Project, found at www.thingsunsaidproject.wordpress.com. Love this endeavor and think others in a letter writing frame of mind will find it interesting as well.

  2. very cool. Thanks for sharing I will have to check it out later.