Bitter Sweet Changes (Becoming a single family home again)

Life is full of changes. Over the past few years I feel like our life has been such a whirlwind of changes one after another. And now, we are faced with yet another one.

For the past 15 months my "baby" brother, his wife, and their baby boy have been living in our basement. This weekend they move into their own place.

As Abi said when she found out "I'll miss them, but it will be nice to get our basement back.

We have learned a lot the past few months. We have learned about hospitality and living in community. We have lived in an environment that daily pushes us consider other outside our immediate family and accommodate other. We have embraced the challenge of living an open life while still respecting healthy boundaries. 

I will desperately miss having some one around on those days when I am so overwhelmed I feel like crying. I remember one day when Tacy was about 3 weeks old Emily came up stairs to find me and all three girls in tears. Even though some one had dropped dinner off I hadn't even been able to eat yet. She promptly sent my two big kids to bed, fixed me a plate of food, and took tacy down stairs so I could eat a meal in peace. I have 15 months of stories like this. Some one there to pitch in, lend an egg when the groceries are low,  or swap babies with when we are both just exhausted with our own.

That being said, I know they are so excited to be in their own place. After so many months of living
 in a cramped basement I am sure they are looking forward to spreading out again, unpacking all their boxes and settling into their own home for the next few years.

I know my girls are looking forward to having their basement back. More room to run, spread out toys, and have dance parties. I will enjoy being able to set my sewing machine up full time and not having to put it on the dinning room table.

As I said, bitter sweet. We will miss them, but I know God is moving us both into a new season and has some exciting things in store for all of us. 

Stay tune for pictures of our basement as we paint and redecorate a little bit.

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