A Chair With a View

Tacy is napping, the dishes are done, the girls are playing quietly so this is where I am right now. In the corner of the dining room, in the chair Josh bought me for Valentine's Day, enjoying the view that I bought the house for.

This little corner has become quite my sanctuary already this summer. I am trying to make time to read both my Bible and the stack of books I have going as well as finding time to write and enjoy other creative things. As of right now this is my favorite place to do that. We have moved Tacy into the guestroom/office so my normal space is occupied by a pack and play.

It's actually nice to have such a small place. With the office it was easy to let it get run over with junk and stuff and piles of papers to sort and organize. This little corner is so mall it's pretty impossible for it to get too out of hand. In fact, I have to keep it some one what tidy if I want to be able to sit down.

God has been working on me a lot this summer when it comes to contentment and being at peace with where I am. This little corner definitely makes those lessons easier.

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