When Gratitude Doesn't Come Easily

What do you do when gratitude doesn't come easily?

What do you do when you can look around and you KNOW you are surrounded by blessings but your heart doesn't feel what your head knows?

What do you do when praise feels far from your lips and your heart?

I think the answer is different for every one... but for me... when I don't know what else to do... I make a list.... and so....when my heart doesn't feel thankful... I start to write... and I keep writing.....and I write until my mind and my heart agree....

  1. Cinnamon bear scentsy
  2. Warm socks
  3. Comforters
  4. Hot tea
  5. Hot chocolate
  6. Coffee
  7. Flavored creamers
  8. Fresh bread
  9. Pastries
  10. Warm, comforting food.
  11. Someone else cooking dinner.
  12. Sleep
  13. Quilts
  14. Favorite sweaters
  15. Colored pencils
  16. Empty journals
  17. Sisters who are friends
  18. Friends who are like sisters
  19. Family living in the basement
  20. Naps
  21. Baby snuggles
  22. Happy kids
  23. Good report cards
  24. Writing
  25. Words
  26. Language
  27. Good books
  28. The “just right” sermon at the “just right” time.
  29. Hand written letters
  30. Craft time
  31. Books about food
  32. Walks on days off
  33. Starbucks
  34. Birthday presents
  35. Money to pay bills
  36. Red cold cheeks off the school bus
  37. Dinner in the crock pot
  38. Spontaneous conversations while the eggs scramble and the coffee boils and the kids play in the other room. 
  39. Cook books
  40. Danish Butter Cookies
  41. Babies in fuzzy sleepers
  42. J.J. Heller CDs
  43. New Pens
  44. Journal Cards
  45. Note Cards
  46. Snail mail
  47. Reminders to keep my expectations smalls
  48. Mommy groups
  49. Hot Baths
  50. Hot Showers
  51. Sausages
  52. Pasta
  53. Recliners
  54. Bus Stop conversation
  55. Coffee Dates
  56. Afternoons spent in bed with a sister watching hours of TV
  57. Sisters who drive hours for birthday parties
  58. Family who shows up
  59. Getting in bed at the end of an exhausting day
  60. Holding photographs in your hand
  61. Paper dolls
  62. Coloring
  63. Favorite TV shows 
  64. Roasted Chicken
  65. Cresents rolls
  66. Baking
And on and on
Keep on going
Counting on fingers
Counting in my head
On paper
On my phone
Breathing blessing in and out until it fills my lungs with the reality that Life is Beautiful
and God is good
and not every season is joyful
but every season has moments of joy
I may not enjoy every moments
but there are always moments to enjoy


  1. i am learning the same thing! i started a "one thousand gifts" journal today in fact. trying to be intentional about writing down the little (and big) things i am thankful for every day. have you read the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp? that's what inspired me to start the journal...

  2. Lora,
    Yes I have read the book. It took me almost two years. I keep thinking one year I will go buy a journal and keep an official list. But for now it's dozens of random lists in my head and random note book and on my phone. :-) Good luck with yours. It's a blessing!