Coffee Date

If we were to have coffee today it would have to be at my house  because Miss Tacy can't seem to keep her clothes clean for longer than an hour or two so she is now sitting around in a diaper and heavy blankets because I only have one clean sleeper yet and saving that for bed time.

I would probably tell you how proud I am of myself for writing four days in a row now. It may not seem like much but to me that is huge. Slowly but surely I am making time for this thing that matters so much to me and that I hope to some day do something special with.

I might tell you that I am getting pretty dang excited for Christmas that I finally caved today and let the girls start watching Christmas movies on Netflix and that I am warming my favorite holiday scent in my Scentsy warmer. I would tell you just how excited I am about the beautiful paper dolls I bought my girls for Christmas and how I am not sure I will be able to wait till Christmas day to give them the dolls.

And if we were having coffee together that might be as far as we got because teething, stuffy babies don't sleep very well. And little girls are very tired and demanding after a full week of school. And I am currently so exhausted that any attempt at sitting still has me dozing off.

But if by some miracle the girls were playing quietly, and the baby was napping, and I was still awake I might tell you about the struggle I have had with this holiday season and desperately wanting to do show, but some how knowing in my heart that I shouldn't. My hands are ITCHING to do some creating, but every time I sat down to fill out a show application, or post a custom listing on etsy I was filled with anxiety.

God seems to be calling our family to a quieter Advent Season this year and I am fully ok with that. Last year we instituted the rule of four for gifts for our girls (Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to ready). We are going to do that again this year and are putting very firm budgets on gift giving and hoping to do at least one really special activity with the advent calendar. Other than that I am looking forward to having my Saturdays and evenings open this year to Christmas shop with friends and family, grab coffee with my friends, and really WATCH Christmas movies instead of just having them on in back ground while I work.

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