Stillness in the Brokenness


I was planning on writing a Menu Monday post today. Then, I sat down at my computer and pulled up my e-mail. I get the She Reads Truth devotional sent to my e-mail box every day. Normally I read it off of their site, but if I don't have that reminder in my inbox that it needs to be done I tend to forget. I'm attempting to make first thing first so, before I opened up WordPress I clicked over to She Reads Truth. WOW!!!!

"This is where Redemption’s work is done. Right here, in our fear and helplessness. Right here, among the broken and weary."

The reading today was Exodus 14. It was about some tired, discouraged, confused, broken Israelite who in their fatigue told Moses they would have been better of dying in Egypt.  And right there in the middle of it all.... God worked....

A friend who is doing the study with me posted this on her facebook wall today.

"The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still." Exodus 14:14

Ouch! Still is the last place I normally am. Especially when I feel scared or hopeless or broken or even weary. I tend to be like a child who is exhausted, but won't slow down lest I get the rest I so desperately need. Like my oh-so-stubborn 3-year-old I am determined I can "DO IT MYSELF!"

But I don't have to. If I would slow down and be still in my brokenness and my weariness then He will fight for me and the work of redemption can be done in my life. Something to think about.


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