Looking Forward



With 2012 now nearly 24 hours in the past and 2013  upon us, it would seem the thing to do is take a look back on 2012. However, I feel like I have done quite a bit of that this past year. With so much having happened this year I feel like I have already one a good bit of reflection. If you would like to read those posts you can here and here.

At this point in time I am ready to look forward. I am ready for a new adventure. I am ready to dream, plan, set goals, and draft a map. I'm ready for change.

I'm not entirely sure what exactly I want these goals and plans to look like. I know I will be taking some time off for my shop and drastically reducing my custom spots when I do. I want to focus more on creating as the mood strikes, sewing for my girls, sewing for friends, making what makes me happy, finish the huge pile of WIPs.

I want to focus more on my writing. For The Clutch Guide for The Motherhood Collective for my own blog, and journaling. I want to make a point of being a memory keeper. I love the idea of Project Life. Not sure if I will attempt 365 days strait, but would love to make a habit of at least weekly capturing the stories we are writing now, as well as those that come to mind from the past.

I want to focus more on our home. Not entirely sure what all that means but I I want to declutter our home and make space. Not sure for what, but space is always good. Getting rid of excess helps me breath easier. I also want to be more intentional about what I bring into my home. (Does it serve a purpose, do I already have something that could serve the same purpose ect) I am hoping this will help with being a better steward of both our money and our space.

Ultimately I want to invest in what matters most to us. Our faith, our families, and our friends. I want to live more intentionally and be more aware of how I am using our resources.

What are you goals for 2013?


  1. I made a 13 in 2013 list the other day and I have it hanging in my clofice! I marked one of the items off today actually! It felt great. I chose 13 things, simple little things for this year.

    I love reading your personal blog and your articles on other blogs! How did you get involved in writing for the other blogs?

  2. Love your post! I, too, am ready to be done reflecting on the past and on 2012. It's good to remember all that God has done in our lives, but it's also important to move forward and press on. Thank you for the encouragement today!

  3. I love that idea Amber! I just may have to think about that. (By the way LOVE the "clofice" I have a feeling I may be adapting that this year as my office will have to make room for baby. :) As for getting involved with other blogs it just sorta... happened! One is part of a local publication that I write and assistant edit for. Writing for the blog is just sort of part of the job description. The other one is for a local non profit moms group (for lack of a better description) I have a friend on the service staff and got connected that way. :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Definitely ready to look forward. Any goals or "words" for 2013? Would love to be praying for you!

  5. My word for 2013 is consistent. I need to be more consistent in all aspects of my life. :)