I love facebook, and blogs, and pinterest, and tumblr. I love the chance to look into other people's lives. I love feeling inspired and up lifted. Some days though after an hour of two browsing these sites I look around my still messy house and feel like such a failure. I am not the only one either. I stumbled across and amazing blog lately about reality verses the online life we portray. Check out this blog for the full blog post. The writer puts into words what so many of us have felt at times. I can even connect with the first paragraph as my husband and I discuss growing our family. It was encouraging and challenging at the same time to read this blog. I know in my effort not to complain I have probably presented a false image of what my life is. So I thought I would share a does of reality today.

This is what my sewing space looked like yesterday morning. Sad truth is that this is a HUGE improvement over where we were a few months ago. After putting in some serious time I finally got it picked up.

This is what my sewing space looks like now. It is far from the gorgeous, inspired studio spaces I drool over online. It's hardly pretty. It has concrete floors. Concrete walls with paint pealing. It's cold. Very cold. It's in an unfinished part of our basement with no heat. But it's clean. Well at least this half of the space is. The other half where we store stuff and do laundry looks like a tornado hit it. As does the finished part of the basement since in cleaning like crazy I parked the kids in front of the tv and the ripped the living room to shreds. But I am proud of it non the less becuase having a clean designated space to sew has been on my to-do list for roughly 4 years!!! And that is reality! :)

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