Beating the Monday Blues

It's is Monday. It is cold. It is rainy. My head is still foggy from a horrible head ache last night. But despite all of that it's been a pretty good day.

Yesterday we beat the cold by hanging out with friends most of the day. Lunch in the early afternoon and a few games of cards, hot tea, pinterest browsing, and just being together in the evening. Thankful for friends that are more like family.

Today I am staying up beat with lots and lots of hot tea. I went to the grocery store, which combined with all of the above was a recipe for disaster. However the check out lady was so helpful and gracious and managed to save me money. I ended up walking out with a week of groceries for $50.00, and two smiling little girls. Not an easy feat for a rainy Monday!

What is keeping you positive this dreary day?

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