Snow Days, Super Bowl and Hand Quilting.

Hello every one. How has your weekend been? If you live any where in the Mid Atlantic probably very white! We only had a few inches of snow down here in VA. There was about an inch of ice but even that is off the roads now. Hubby was home more than normal this weekend and my brother's girlfriend stayed with us. As much as I hate being snowed in I was surrounded by people I love this time and had lots of new recipes to try. Also got to re-watch three full seasons of Friends so that's fun. 

I spent a lot of time this weekend working on long forgotten or abandoned projects. I spent most of yesterday ripping seams. I now have a huge stack of quilt blocks ready to be put to use. 

I took a rather large block that was suposed to be part of a table runner and made my first attempt at hand quilting.

Definately needs some work but it was a wonderful project to work on surrounded by friends and family watching TV.


I think it will trim it up and make a hot pad for my tea pot.

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