Just Desserts Fabric

I finally went grocery shopping and cleaned up the living room from the last snow storm. Just in time for the next one coming in. I'm hoping Hubby doesn't have to go work snow days are so much fun with him. On the other hand I don't want his boss to get made and take away vacation time. Oh well. My brother's girlfriend is staying with us. Her roommates are gone for the weekend and we didn't want her to get snowed in by herself out in the boonies. So at least I will have company either way. I love having family nearby. 


In other news  I bought this fabric from the Just Desserts line by ClothWorks.  I fell in love with it back in October and bought a yard. I'm not realizing that a yard wasn't really enough to do much with. My two options are 
a) table napkins or b) a small market bag. What do you all think? What should I do with it?

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