Why I do what I do.

SO I wrote this yesterday and didn't post it because it felt silly to post two blogs in one day, but I was afraid I would forget to today I will post two. Oh well. :)

I was having a conversation with my sister in law today. We were discussing the fact that every job has it's down sides. I don't know a single person who loves absolutely every aspect of their job. My husband is a great sales man and enjoys working with people. However, he takes very little enjoyment in doing inventory (who would?). Motherhood is no exception to this. So often women feel like they are betraying their husbands and children if they admit there is a part of being a wife and mother they could do with out. The questions remains then if we don't like what we are doing, why do we continue to do it.

For starts we continue on with our jobs, whether is be selling cars or changing diapers, simply becuase we are adults and that is the right thing to do. You don't stop providing or caring for your family simply becuase you don't get a long with your boss. Secondly we continue on because they is almost always an asspect of our job that we love. That's why we work there in the first place. This morning I was reminded why I gave up any life I had before with no hesitation, for the life I am living now.

As I sat writing e-mails, checking Face book and balancing the checkbook. Abigail my can't-stop-moving-lest-the-world-come-to-an-end 15-month old daughter crawled up into my lap. And staid there, perfect still for..... an hour! Apparently even bionic babies stop for teething. If I had almost any other job in the world I would have missed that moment. Have lost the opportunity to take my baby who is quickly slipping away into childhood and hold her in my arms and cuddle her. As I held her she absent-mindedly patted my growing belly reminding me that these moments will become even more rare as my belly expands making it harder to hold her. And then comes the moment when she stop being my little baby and because a big sister in this family Josh and I seem to be growing at the speed of light. These days of her and I are slipping by fast. But at least today, for an hour, we were able to wrap ourselves back up in a little cocoon and listen to each others hearts beat.

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  1. An excellent post sweetheart as always you have displayed your ability to simplify those important issues may have trouble grasping.

    There area a few spelling error and typos that you might want to go back through and fix but all in all an absolutely amazing entry.