A Startling Realization.

I cam to a startling realization today. It has been percolating under the surface for the past few weeks and today it came to the front of my mind and demanded to be named. I like Mondays.

I was not always this odd. As a high school and college student I, of course, had the obligatory distaste for Monday and the beginning of the school week. Then when I worked I felt about the same way. Often Sunday nights would result in stomach aches because I hated going into work just that much.

Perhaps this new found affinity for such a loathed day is a result of actually liking my "job". I find something increasingly soothing about moving from room to room of home my restoring order after the weekend. I enjoy sitting at my desk paying this weeks bills and shaping the schedule and meal plan for the week.

After a relaxing laid back Sunday there is something rejuvinating about the return to a scheduals and order on Monday. A return to regularly schedualed meal times and nap times. A return to cooking meals. I rarely cook on the weekends. However, I typically cook nice, large dinner on Monday nights. I used to do this on Friday nights. But Friday night is a reward in and of its self. Why not do something special on a less attractive day of the week. Infact thinking back, cooking a nice dinner on Mondays may have been where this whole enjoying Monday mood got started.

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