Look Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back 

I keep trying to write a "Year in Review" post. For whatever reason it just hasn't been easy. I am not sure why. It's just hasn't been flowing. So, what do I do when my brain isn't working creatively?

I makes lists...

I will remember 2013 as the year...

* Tacy was born
*Josh and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and...
*Did something we had been talk about for 8 years and went on a cruise
*Abi started Kindergarten
*Maddie started pre-school
*Fletcher, Emily, and Ezra moved back to VA and into our basement
*We learned the reality and beauty of doing life with some other people in a intimate some times messy way
*Tuesday Coffee Dates with three women I consider to be among my dearest friends
*Aunt Lila Died
*Stephen Died
*Blu Died
*We received far to many text messages about loved ones in the hospital 
*I put myself out there and got to reap the rewards of taking a chance
*We asked ourselves hard questions about who we were as a couple and a family and who we wanted to be and where we were going
*We made it out a live. Tired, weary, a little tender in places, but alive and excited for 2014.

 Looking Forward

So far I haven't really made any "Resolutions" for 2014. I am sure they may come, but at the moment I am focusing more on the projects I am pursuing this year as well as fleshing out my word for 2014 and how it will look to live that out. 
So far we are only six days into 2014 and have been faced with some interesting opportunities. So far nothing I am ready to discuss but let's just say if this year is trying to make a good first impression it is doing a remarkable job. 

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