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We've had a pretty mild summer, I really can't complain. But I am going to complain any ways. This week has been miserable. Super hot and even more humid. It rains every couple days but that only makes it worse and more humid and I sort of feel like I"m living in a jungle. I was not cut out for tropical weather. So, if we were to have coffee today it would probably be a VERY large very COLD frozen Mocha, because the heat is making it even harder to sleep than before.


If were were going to have coffee I would probably tell you how much time we have spent inside lately due to the heat. Especially after we thought I was in labor on Monday. That was interesting. I went out to lunch with friends and the contractions got so intense I couldn't drive myself to my mother-in-laws so my friends had to drive me. Turns out it was a false alarm, but since then I have been staying out of the heat and I'm afraid to go any where alone!


I've also been increasing my water in take (like I could really drink any more). I feel like a beached whale to be honest, but I know it's healthiest for me and her so lots of water and rest it is.


I would probably also go on and on about my baby sewing (which I haven't really started) I got it all cut out, now I just need to assemble which I am hoping to do this weekend since the two big girls have back to back sleep over this weekend!


I would also probably tell you about my recent obsession with bracelets and painting my nails. My friend Jennifer got me hooked on Julep I am not a big subscription box person, but I figured I would try it out since you get the first month free!! I fell in love and now find myself doing my nails weekly if not more often! (Shameless plug if you sign up put in my code 16294817 if I get free stuff I'll host a give away here since I can only use so much nail polish).


I would also tell you how I am on the search for the perfect planner for the school year. I've used this planner by Orange Circle Studios. But of course what I REALLY want is an Erin Condren life planner and have shamelessly been entering every giveaway I can find in hopes of actually winning one.

I would probably tell you over coffee how ready I am for baby to be here. How I actually feel like I sleep better those first few days home then I do the months leading up to baby. I would tell you that I"m trying to be patient, however by using this time to get some sewing done and staying on top of the house so it's clean whenever she does make her appearance. I would tell you that I am tryign to even use the awake time in the middle of the night to pray more and how I am praying for the Influence Conference this fall. It breaks my heart that I can't go, but I know I can still be part of what God is doing there by praying for the those hosting, speaking, and attending. I would ask how I can pray for you in the middle of the night when I'm laying on my side listening to the drone of the window unit and the crickets.

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