Why Washi?

SO! I have been pretty quiet on here since last week and there is a very good, though very long, explication for all of that. I promise to share later. However, some times when things get crazy you just have to step back and focus on some fun simple things. So today I want to share some pretty inspiration with you.

I am sure that you all are familiar with Pick Your Plum! (If for some reason you aren't familiar with them they are a "deal" site that offers ONE craft/creative item daily at a really big discount.) My sister-in-law Marge got me hooked on them forever ago and I adore them! I have gotten amazing elastic, bakers twine, stamps, washi tape, hair pins kits, earring kits, and fabric from them.

Well last night I got a sneak peak at what today's "Plum" is......


Valentin's Day Washi Tape!!!!!


I am so excited! I was up last night thinking of all the ways I can use this. Doesn't matter that I already have some, I can always use more! It's one of my favorite craft supplies and one of my kids favorite's as well!

Just in case you need some ideas of what to do with this beautiful tape check out my Why Washi Pinterest Board.

So, tell me, why/how do you Washi?


  1. i LOVE washi!! BUt I haven't heard of Pick Your Plum! I'm checking them out now, thanks!! =)

  2. Pretty! I haven't made anything with washi tape, but it looks beautiful! Now I want to get some!

  3. P.S. love the new look of your blog!